Our Mission:

To build a global capital market that accelerates universal access to safe water and sanitation.

WaterEquity is an asset manager with an exclusive focus on ending the most urgent issue of our time – the global water and climate crisis.

We invest in financial institutions and enterprises in emerging markets delivering access to safe water and sanitation to low-income consumers, while offering an attractive risk-return profile to investors. Led by Paul O’Connell who brings 20 years of institutional asset management experience, the success of WaterEquity is built on decades of experience investing in water and sanitation in emerging markets, delivering proven social and financial returns.

Our team emerged out of Water.org, the most well-known water non-profit in the world that built the case for microfinance for water and sanitation. This established us as the proven experts in mobilizing capital for financial institutions and enterprises that serve the water and sanitation needs of emerging consumers.

Fund management excellence.

Proven capability in emerging markets.

"Any economy with water security has a chance to realize its full potential."

– Gary White, WaterEquity Co-Founder and CEO

"When you see the difference that water can make in a community— that feeling of pure joy— there’s nothing really that can compete with that in my day job."

– Matt Damon, WaterEquity Co-Founder