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How your loan works

Today: Make a loan to WaterEquity
December 2017: Loan pool fundraising ends
February 2018: Water & sanitation impact begins
June 2020: Recycle your loan or withdraw your money


WaterEquity pools your loan with other loans and on-lends to a microfinance partner in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, or the Philippines. In these countries combined, 120M people live without access to safe water and 900M don't have a proper toilet. You can help change that by making a loan today.


WaterEquity scales a proven solution: WaterCredit. WaterCredit's 99% repayment rate shows that small loans for water & sanitation are affordable, even for borrowers making less than $2 a day. Click here for more info on how WaterEquity teams with WaterCredit and to learn about the $10 million we've invested in India so far.

Track record

WaterEquity invests where the need is great, which means working in areas vulnerable to economic and political crises. When you make a loan to WaterEquity, you may lose some or all of your principle, and you cannot earn interest on your loan. For more information, read our Loan Program Agreement.