Realizing an untapped opportunity.

A clear market opportunity aligns with an elemental human need. We are working to bridge the financing gap that separates 1 in 10 people from safe water, and 1 in 4 from sanitation.1

Fund management excellence. Proven capability in emerging markets.

WaterEquity identifies private lending opportunities in water and sanitation that offer attractive returns, low to moderate credit risk, verifiable social impact, and true ESG investments. We provide opportunities for investors to make responsible and sustainable investment choices that will reduce the impacts of climate change and gender inequality.

How We Invest and Build


Target Growth: Seek borrowers that have significant capacity for scale, a strong financial track record, and a deep reach into underserved communities.

Prioritize Impact and Responsible Investments: Integrate careful analysis of social impact (SDG6) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations across the investment process.

Minimize Risk and Maximize Returns: Achieve strong financial returns by identifying the low risk / high return investment opportunities and building a diversified portfolio.

Measure Success and Actively Manage Assets: Closely monitor asset quality, impact performance, and ESG risk throughout the investment life-cycle, proactively managing the portfolio to maximize social and financial returns.

Market Demand

1 in 10 people don’t have access to safe water, and 1 in 4 don’t have access to sanitation, making this simultaneously the most urgent issue and largest market opportunity of our time.Economists estimate the market opportunity to provide water and sanitation services to all by 2030 at $1 trillion.2

market demand from individuals for affordable financing to meet their water and sanitation needs.

people could be reached with improved water and sanitation services if microloans were made available to their families


of small and medium enterprises in emerging markets are either unserved or underserved by financial institutions.

From Investment to Opportunity:

a representation of how impact is achieved

Investment to Opportunity: providing funding

WaterEquity lends to a financial institution in an emerging market—such as Annapurna Finance Ltd. In India—for the exclusive purpose of scaling water and sanitation microlending for low-income families.

Investment to Opportunity: providing microloans

The financial institution provides water or sanitation microloan to an end-client such as Nandini—a mother and micro-entrepreneur. Nandini uses the microloan to purchase and install a household water or sanitation solution.

Investment to Opportunity: providing opportunity

Nandini pays back the microloan in monthly or weekly installments. With household access, Nandini is healthier and able to spend more time working at her shop and providing for her family.

Global repayment rate: 99%

"Niagara Bottling is proud to be a contributing partner and foundational investor in WaterEquity. By supporting the sustainable growth of water and sanitation enterprises in emerging markets, we are accelerating an end to the global water crisis for hundreds of millions of women, children, and men."

– Kristen C. Venick, Director of Corporate Giving, Niagara Bottling

"Access to safe water is integral to helping the global economy move forward. Our investment in WaterEquity is an example of how Bank of America is able to deploy capital to support innovative, scalable solutions that address global challenges. The current investment fund – WCIF3 – will help empower millions around the globe to participate in ending the water crisis."

– Anne M. Finucane, Vice Chairman, Bank of America