Investing To Empower People and Transform Lives

A Game-Changing Solution

We stand on the brink of something monumental. The ability to scale and accelerate a solution to help end the global water crisis.



Tap the potential for both social and financial returns.



Empower those in crisis to help solve the crisis.



Build on philanthropy to scale your impact.

Charity alone cannot match the scale of the crisis

Experts project that it would take donations of $114 billion a year over fifteen years to achieve universal access and sustainable managent of water and sanitation. Currently, annual aid averages just $14 billion. WaterEquity unlocks global capital markets to help close the gap.

Ending the Global Water Crisis

We are on a quest to end this global crisis in our lifetime by scaling access to safe water and sanitation. Saving lives. And transforming futures by empowering people in crisis, to help solve the crisis.

A Proven Model

WaterEquity will provide additional capital to scale WaterCredit, a proven initiative that has already benefited 11.5 million people.


WaterEquity is an innovation of It connects social impact investors in the U.S. and Europe with enterprises such as microfinance institutions (MFIs) to serve the water and sanitation needs of those in the global water crisis. WaterEquity has the unique advantage of building on the decades of experience and success of, helping millions by breaking down the barriers to safe water and sanitation.

We can solve this in our lifetime

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